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We provide best psychological services to empower Child, Adolescent, & Adult

• Psychological Assessment and Testing
• Psychological Services (Psychotherapy, Behavior Therapy, Behavior Modification, Relaxation therapy and Counseling)
• Training and Development

Common psychological problems:
1.Academic problems and Learning related disorders like Dyslexia/Learning Disability, Hyperactivity, Weak Attention & Concentration skills (ADHD), Very Naughty/Mischievous/Destructive and Restless Child.
2.Behavioral Problems- like being aggressive, stubborn, adamant, answering back, disobedience, Temper Tantrums and hitting other school kids.
3.Adjustment problems- like stealing, lying, having relations with opposite sex, keeping bad company, spending more, talking too long over phone, showing off and other related adolescent adjustment issues.
4.Emotional problems- like exam phobia, refusal to attend school, psychogenic aches/ pains/ headaches/ stomachaches/ fits/ seizures, psychogenic stammering, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias, bed wetting, thumb sucking, nail biting and other conditions like involuntary body movements of eyes/neck/facial muscles etc.
5.Development assessment of DQ assessment, IQ Testing & Aptitude Testing.~ AUTISM - Remaining self preoccupied/inability to speak properly according to age.
Specialized in:-
1.Intensive Psychotherapy and Counselling.
2.Personality Assessment and Testing.
3.Testing for Mental Health Disorders.
4.Testing for Learning Disorders.
5.Neuropsychological Testing
6.Psychodiagnostic Evaluation
7.IQ Testing/DQ Testing
8.Rehabilitation Counseling
9.Developmental Assessment.
10.School Mental Health Services
11.Parent Counseling and Training
12.CBT - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy